Jan 112021
 January 11, 2021  Posted by at 8:19 am Uncategorized

During our meetings this month, we will have a lot of people that are logging into our Zoom meetings.  When you log in, make sure that your ID shows both your first and last name.  Order is not critical, it can be first and last or last and first.  Participants that show only a phone number will be disconnected early in the meeting.  Participants who do not show both first and last name will be disconnected next.  We will be checking participants names against the registration list and disconnecting those names that are not on the list as well.  Thank you for your attention to this detail.  Gene

Jan 082021
 January 8, 2021  Posted by at 5:32 pm Uncategorized

Our Webmaster, Marc Jacobson, has set up a News tab on our website so that the Chair and Executive Secretary can share information quickly.  Given how many meetings we are holding this month and the number of issues associated with the NPA, the News tab will be the primary means of sharing information with our members and friends.  Check this page often as we will not be sharing all of this information through email.