May 192021
 May 19, 2021  Posted by at 9:49 am Front Page, Spring 2021 - NPA

All of the NCUTCD docket submissions are now posted on the docket.  The docket number for each chapter is listed in the attached file along with a link to that submission on the docket.  A quick look at the list shows that a few of our submissions have a docket number that is approaching 13,000, which gives you a sense of how many submissions there were to the docket.  The docket is currently closed to additional submissions. 

Once again, I want to thank everyone for their hard work to prepare the comments.  I also want to thank the many members who I see have submitted their own personal comments to the docket.

May 152021
 May 15, 2021  Posted by at 11:11 am Spring 2021 - NPA

As mentioned in my previous News post, our NPA comment process is done.  The docket is now closed.  The docket website no longer provides the ability to submit docket comments.  I want to thank all of our members for their hard work that allowed the NCUTCD to submit all of their comments before the deadline.

May 142021
 May 14, 2021  Posted by at 4:59 pm Spring 2021 - NPA

Earlier today, the NCUTCD submitted the last of its docket comments on the MUTCD NPA published in December 2020.  FHWA has not yet posted any of the chapters we submitted this week.  The Approved Changes tab of our website has links to the PDF files we submitted.  Once all of our docket comments have been posted to the docket, we will update our website and the summary sheet posted on the News tab with the docket numbers.  I would like to once again thank all of our members and sponsoring organizations for their hard work and support over the last 5 months.  It has been an arduous journey but we finished our work on time and we have much to be proud of in the level of detail and quality of the comments we submitted.  Thank you!  Gene

May 132021
 May 13, 2021  Posted by at 8:16 am Spring 2021 - NPA

See attached file for the NCUTCD docket comments posted to the docket as of 9:00 am eastern this morning.  Over the course of this week, the NCUTCD has submitted docket comments for all of the chapters except for 2E. 2F, 2G, and Appendix 1.  Chapters that have been submitted but are not listed in the attached have not yet been posted to the docket.

May 052021
 May 5, 2021  Posted by at 3:22 pm Spring 2021 - NPA

The NCUTCD Council has met many times this spring in a virtual environment to approve comments on the MUTCD NPA.  That work has recently culminated in the completion of several chapters of content and comments.  Entire chapters are posted to the FHWA docket as they are completed.  Soon after the chapter comments appear on the docket, they are posted to our website under the Approved Changes tab.  As of today, we have submitted 39 chapters to the docket.  The attached files includes several chapters that were posted to the docket today that have not yet been added to our website.  I will try to post an updated list of submitted chapters on this page every couple of days until we are finished.  Gene