Mar 092021
 March 9, 2021  Posted by at 9:24 am Spring 2021 - NPA
On March 8, the NCUTCD Executive Secretary forwarded information on webinars organized by FHWA on the the NPA and rulemaking for the next edition of the MUTCD. Note, however:
1. These webinars are being organized and presented by FHWA, not NCUTCD. These messages are being forwarded from FHWA to make NCUTCD members and friends aware of these activities.
2. As these events are organized by FHWA, not NCUTCD, we don’t have any ability to address scheduling or capacity.
3. If we hear of any additional MUTCD or NPA-related webinars scheduled by FHWA, we’ll pass the information along.
Mar 022021
 March 2, 2021  Posted by at 8:30 am Uncategorized

I have posted below the agenda that we will use for all virtual Council sessions held between now and the June meeting to process docket comments for the MUTCD NPA.  Specific content for individual sessions will be identified to Council Members and Associate Members in advance of the sessions.

  1. Call to Order: Gene Hawkins, NCUTCD Chair
  2. Roll Call of Delegates: Richard Moeur, Executive Secretary
  3. Updates and Comments from Chair
  4. Technical Committee Reports (order subject to change):
    1. RW Signs Committee: Tom Heydel, chair
    2. GMI Signs Committee: Tom Honich, chair
    3. Markings Committee: Jody Colvin, chair
    4. Signals Committee: John Fisher, chair
    5. Temporary Traffic Control Committee: John Leonard, chair
    6. RRLRT Committee: Rick Campbell, chair
    7. Bicycle Committee: Bill DeSantis, chair
  5. Other Business
  6. Recess