Mar 022021
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I have posted below the agenda that we will use for all virtual Council sessions held between now and the June meeting to process docket comments for the MUTCD NPA.  Specific content for individual sessions will be identified to Council Members and Associate Members in advance of the sessions.

  1. Call to Order: Gene Hawkins, NCUTCD Chair
  2. Roll Call of Delegates: Richard Moeur, Executive Secretary
  3. Updates and Comments from Chair
  4. Technical Committee Reports (order subject to change):
    1. RW Signs Committee: Tom Heydel, chair
    2. GMI Signs Committee: Tom Honich, chair
    3. Markings Committee: Jody Colvin, chair
    4. Signals Committee: John Fisher, chair
    5. Temporary Traffic Control Committee: John Leonard, chair
    6. RRLRT Committee: Rick Campbell, chair
    7. Bicycle Committee: Bill DeSantis, chair
  5. Other Business
  6. Recess
Feb 192021
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Since the January meetings, the NCUTCD technical committees have been busy developing draft docket comments.  As these are prepared, they are being shared with and voted upon by the NCUTCD Council.  Currently, the Council is voting by email on Chapter 8E and reviewing portions of Chapter 2A prior to email voting next week.  As docket comments are developed, we will post those on the FHWA docket and then on our website.  To reduce the total number of NCUTCD docket comments, we may delay posting of some comments until entire chapters have been addressed by Council.

Feb 022021
 February 2, 2021  Posted by at 8:51 am Front Page

This morning’s Federal Register includes a notice that the docket for the MUTCD NPA is extended by 60 days to May 14, 2021.

You can access the Federal Register notice here.

Jan 212021
 January 21, 2021  Posted by at 3:32 pm Front Page

Last updated on February 1, 2021.

On December 31, 2020, the NCUTCD submitted a request to extend the MUTCD docket comment period an additional 90 days.  The next week, the NCUTCD asked its sponsoring organizations to support the request for an extension.  The following requests from organizations have been posted on the docket.  This list will be updated on a regular basis until FHWA announces a decision on the extension requests.  The NCUTCD thanks those organizations that have submitted a docket extension request.  The parenthetical information provides the docket comment number and the length of the request extension).

  1. AASHTO & ITE (#85, 60 days)
  2. NCUTCD (#89, 90 days)
  3. AHUA (#97, 90 days)
  4. New York City (#98, 90 days)
  5. Oregon DOT (#99, 90 days)
  6. AREMA (#100, 90 days)
  7. City of Medford (#120, 90 days)
  8. IBTTA (#124, 90 days)
  9. ATSSA (#125, 90 days)
  10. NACE (#128, 90 days)
  11. AAR (#135, 90 days)
  12. MinnDOT (#136, 90 days)
  13. Alaska (#137, 90 days)
  14. IMSA (#138, 90 days)
  15. CA PUC (#142, 90 days)
  16. APBP (#143, 60 days)
  17. Assoc OR Co + OR Assoc Co Engr & Surv (#144, 90 days)
  18. City of Austin Transportation Department (#162 ,90 days)
  19. Kent County Road Commission (#165, 90 days)
  20. City of Austin (#166, 90 days)
  21. LAB (#167, 90 days)
  22. ITS America (#173, 90 days)
  23. City of Federal Way (#177, 90 days)
  24. FHWA extends docket 60 days to May 14 (#179)
  25. Minnesota County Engr Assoc (#185, 30 beyond 5/14)
Jan 182021
 January 18, 2021  Posted by at 1:16 pm January 2021

The NCUTCD Council will be meeting in three sessions this week.  Tuesday’s and Friday’s sessions will start at 1:00 pm Eastern.  Wednesday’s session will start at 2:00 pm Eastern to allow for viewing of the inauguration.  Each session will start promptly at the indicated time.  Please be logged in before the start.  Individuals who attempt to log in at the last minute may find themselves stuck in the waiting room for a longer period.  The attached file contains the agendas for each of the sessions.


Jan 142021
 January 14, 2021  Posted by at 12:13 pm January 2021

On January 8, the FHWA made a presentation to NCUTCD  members summarizing some of the key changes in the MUTCD NPA.  FHWA did not share the slides from the presentation and they are not available at this time for distribution.  FHWA has stated that they intend to make additional improvements and refinements to the presentation and hope to make it available to the public at some point in the future. We will share information about its availability on this News page if/when it become available.

Jan 142021
 January 14, 2021  Posted by at 12:12 pm January 2021

The most recent meeting schedule is posted on the calendar on the NCUTCD website at This calendar is kept up-to-date.  Please check teh calendar first to see if sessions have been cancelled or time-shifted from what may have been sent in the original Cvent registration confirmation e-mail. 

The Council session on Wednesday, January 20, will start one hour later at 2:00 PM Eastern to accommodate inauguration activities.

Jan 142021
 January 14, 2021  Posted by at 12:09 pm January 2021

If you want to make a change to the sessions/meetings that you registered to attend, go to your registration confirmation e-mail and click on the “View your registration” link near the bottom. That should take you to your registration on the Cvent website, where you can select other sessions/meetings. If attending a different technical committee than one in which you’re already a member of or selected, send a short note to that committee chair saying you plan to attend so you’re not in the waiting room all day. Links to TC chair e-mails can be seen at