Index of Approved Changes


During each meeting, the NCUTCD votes to approve proposed additions, revisions, and interpretations to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).  Since the last MUTCD was published, several changes have been proposed by the NCUTCD.  The current list of proposed changes can be found below.

The proposed changes approved by the NCUTCD are submitted to the FHWA for consideration for a future revision to the MUTCD.  Approval by the NCUTCD does not constitute official rulemaking or acceptance of these changes by the FHWA. The FHWA evaluates each proposal and determines whether to include in a future rulemaking to amend the MUTCD, along with recommended changes submitted by other organizations, agencies, and individuals, as well as any changes that the FHWA develops directly.  A link to the current MUTCD can be found on the links menu above.

You may use the links below to filter the list based on the Technical Committee that prepared the recommended change.

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Meeting Item No. Description Parts Chapters Sections Figures Tables
January 2021 20B-TTC-04 Shoulder Lane Revision 6 6H   6H-36 6H-37 6H-38  
January 2021 19B-TTC-01 Circulating Lane Closure in a Multi-Lane Roundabout 6 6H      
January 2021 20B-TTC-01 Typical Application Refinement and Stopping Sight Distance 6 6E 6H 6E.07 6H-10 6H-24 6H-27 6H-30 6H-31 6H-35 6H-40 6H-44  
January 2021 20B-TTC-02 Typical Application Coordination 6 6H   6H-10 6H-11 6H-12 6H-13 6H-14 6H-15 6H-16 6H-19 6H-20 6H-8 6H-9 6H-1 6H-2
January 2021 20B-TTC-03 Shoulder Work 6 6H   6H-1 6H-3 6H-32 6H-33 6H-37 6H-4 6H-44 6H-5 6H-6 6H-1
January 2020 19B-TTC-02 Use of Positive Protection in Work Zones 6 6D 6F 6G 6H 6D.03 6F.85 6G.02 6H-10 6H-11 6H-12 6H-13 6H-15 6H-17 6H-18 6H-21 6H-22 6H-23 6H-24 6H-25 6H-27 6H-3 6H-30 6H-31 6H-32 6H-33 6H-35 6H-37 6H-38 6H-4 6H-40 6H-41 6H-42 6H-43 6H-44 6H-46 6H-6  
June 2019 19A-TTC-02 Typical Applications for Roundabouts 6 6H      
June 2019 19A-TTC-01 Color for Warning Signs in Work Zones 6 6F 6F.02 6F-4 2A-5 6F-1
January 2019 17B-TTC-01 Double Headed Arrow to Indicate Interior Lane Closure 6 6F 6H 6F.23 6F-4 6H-38 6F-1
January 2018 16B-TTC-04 Providing for Optional Use of the End Road Work (G20-2) Sign 6 6F 6F.57    
January 2018 16B-TTC-06 Providing Uniformity between TA-40 and TA-44 6 6H   6H-40 6H-44  
January 2018 17B-TTC-02 Clarification on the use of Temporary Portable Rumble Strips in a TTC Zone 6 6F 6F.87    
January 2017 16B-TTC-01 Color of Tubular Markers 6 6F 6F.65    
June 2016 16A-TTC-01 Pedestrian Channelizing Device - Figure Change 6 6F      
June 2014 14A-TTC-01 Section 6D.01 Pedestrian Considerations (guidance vs. standard)          
June 2014 14A-TTC-02 Section 6F.02 General Characteristics of Signs 6 6F 6F.02    
June 2014 14B-TTC-01 Section 6F.72 / 6M.03 Temporary Lane Separators 6 6F 6F.72    
June 2014 14B-TTC-02 Section 6F.82 Floodlights 6 6F 6F.82    
June 2014 14B-TTC-03 Figures 6H.22, 6H.24, and 6H.25 6 6H   6H-22 6H-24 6H-25  
June 2014 14B-TTC-04 Figure 6H-28: Sidewalk Detour or Diversion 6 6H   6H-28  
June 2014 14B-TTC-05 Section 6C.13 Pilot Car Method of One-Lane, Two-Way Traffic Control 6 6C 6C.13    
June 2014 14B-TTC-06 Section 6D.01 Pedestrian Considerations (duration of impact) 6 6D 6D.01    
June 2013 13B-TTC-01 Figure 6H-28 - Typical Application 28 Sidewalk Detour or Diversion 6 6H   6H-28  
June 2011 11A-TTC-01 Pedestrian Channelizing Device 6 6F