January 2021 Meeting


The Annual Meeting of NCUTCD will be held as an all-electronic virtual meeting in January 2021.

Registration will be required for participation in technical committee and Council sessions. Attendees are expected to access the meetings via computer and have correct first and last names displaying. Telephone login may be used for audio, but no telephone-only participation will be allowed. Participants listed only by telephone number or by other than name are subject to disconnection and removal without refund.

Click here for a preliminary agenda​​.

Task forces and joint task forces will meet individually January 4-8 – information for these meetings will be available from each task force chair.

Technical committees will meet January 11-15 and January 21.

The NCUTCD Council will meet in general session on January 19, 20, and 22, and may also meet if necessary on January 25-29.

The meeting schedule is structured with the expectation that a Notice of Proposed Amendments (NPA) for a new edition of the MUTCD will be open for comment during the meeting. If a committee chair determines a meeting session will no longer be needed, it may be cancelled, and notifications sent out. However, all other scheduled meeting sessions will still occur unless they also have been specifically cancelled.

Registration Information:

Registration for the meeting may be completed either online using a credit card or by sending a registration form and paying via check/purchase order or ACH. NCUTCD strongly recommends that attendees register and pay electronically through the Cvent registration process. Sending a registration form should only be used if an attendee cannot register or pay electronically through the Cvent registration service. 

The registration fee is $50 for all attendees (with the exception of Honorary members). The fee is the same either by electronic or mail registration.

The registration system will be asking attendees to select which technical committee and Council sessions they plan to attend. After successful completion of registration, attendees will be sent links to access each meeting. Only registered attendees will receive these links.

Online Registration

Registration Form (Mail-In) – only use if a registrant can’t pay by credit card

Revised 11/07/2020