Sponsor Comments to Technical Committee Recommendations

Sponsors have responded to the RW Signs, Markings, Signals, and TTC Technical Committee recommendations as well as a proposed change in the NCUTCD Bylaws with comments which will be considered by the technical committees and the NCUTCD Council at the January 2020 meeting. The Technical Committees will review the Sponsor comments to the Technical Committee recommendations before drafting and submitting their final recommendations to the NCUTCD Council.  Recommendations with regard to the technical committee recommendations which are approved by the Council will then be submitted to FHWA as “Official Recommendations of the NCUTCD.” The recommendations regarding proposed changes to the bylaws will be considered and acted upon by the Council at their meeting Thursday, January 9, 2020.
Click on the Technical Committee Recommendations to see the recommendations made by the Technical Committees and on the Sponsor Comments link to see the comments by the various Sponsors.

​Technical Committee Recommendations:

​A total of 557 comments were received from sponsors and they are included as follows:​

Sponsor Comments an Excel spreadsheet containing all of the comments.  When you open this file, notice the tabs on the bottom.  It is suggested that users begin by reading the READ ME tab on the spreadsheet.  The Vote tab provides a tabulation of the Sponsor comments and the other tabs show all of the comments.

Revised 10/22/2019